Notes for Adult Lab Assistants

Did your kid researcher do the same ill-conceived thing, resulting in minor injuries, 8 times in a row today? Did they do such a spectacularly ill conceived thing that the repair is going to cost you Actual Money and Precious Time? Ask them what they thought would happen- that’s their hypothesis! What was the sequence of events- that’s their method! What was the outcome- there are your results! Make your kid write it up (or help them do so) and submit it for publication- our other kid scientists will peer review it and we will “publish” it on our blog! Go science! Go kids! Go us not yelling at our kids because science!

Alternatively – maybe your kid researcher has some pressing questions about the garden, cookie baking thermodynamics, or adult behavior. You can use their native curiosity to help them create a question/hypothesis that they can test themselves. Help your researcher write it up in the format provided, and there it is. Kid research.