How to Submit a Paper

All research submissions should be written up in abstract form, such as might be found in any scientific journal. Any area of study is acceptable- including hard and soft sciences. (We are especially interested in sociological or psychological research that explores the behavior of adults.)

All submissions must include your name (first name, last initial) or an alias, your age, and the following sections:

  • Question (optional)
  • Hypothesis
  • Literature Review (optional)
  • Experiment/Method
  • Results
  • Conclusion/Discussion
  • Future Research (optional)

Submit your research to this email: either as an attachment or in the body of the email. Supporting photos or other notes should be attached to the email.

If you submit research for publication we ask that you also review at least 3 other studies. Peer reviews should include your name or alias, age, and title of the research you are reviewing. To submit a peer review use this email: