Water Waste- Dripping Faucet – Ady S., age 6

Question: How much wotter a dripping floset will wast.

Hypothesis: In a day a dripping floset will fill a cuq.

Experiment: 1. I put a cup under the floset. 2. I put the sink to drip mode. 3. I plugged up the sink. 4. 11 owers.

Results:  over flowing sink. Wet floor. 4 (big) towels + 3 (small) towels = 7 towels total [to clean up].

Conclusion: my hypothesis was rong. A driping sink wasts a lot of water! Broken bathroom floor is posible.

Future research: big inough tub, outside. DO NOT DO THIS EVER AGAIN [inside house in bathroom sink].

Method: 20180320_184130.jpg

Results: 20180320_184119.jpg


Peer Review:

“She should have added lots more cups. Put towels on the floor in case it spilled over. I would have thought it would almost fill the sink. If I did it I would do it under the faucet outside. I’d put a big bucket under it. I bet she had to clean it up.” – Ben VW, Age 5

“Oh wow! That’s a lots a water! I wonder how much much times it was dripping when they weren’t looking? Maybe they could try it again and count the drips.” – Peach, Age 5

“I think this person did a good job, but I wonder if they repeated they esxperiment if the results would be the same. I wonder if their faucet drips faster or slower than other faucets?”       – Doodimus, Age 10

“I want to do that and make water go EVERYWHERE!!!! Mom, can you get me a picture of a whale?” – A.L., Age 4

“Well, In a way it’s a good idea because… it’s fun, but in a different way it could get out of hand, like if a person got distracted and did something else, then maybe the house will fill with water. It might make you think someone could drown even though that basically doesn’t happen. Maybe it’s if you don’t close the sink but you leave it open so then if you forget or your brother calls you to play, then the water can always go down the hole. And you don’t have so much cleaning.” – E.A., Age 6

“maybe i wd put a strainer on top of the cup so i cd see how dirty the water was.” Kitten- age 9

“interesting. i wonder how much the floor was broken, and if the water did a lot of damage.” Blackbird – age 12